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IBD Management is an international network of executive advisors who help ICT companies to “get organized” and grow both locally and in the global world.

What we do

The software industry companies are immersed in a market that is evolving very quickly, industry entrepreneurs tend to have a vision of their own closely linked to the product enterprise, the market expectation is to have innovative products and services. Our consulting and training management services help businesses grow with sensitivity and attention to market needs both locally and globally.

Why our clients choose us

Our customers appreciate our simple approach, we create empathy, we bring real added value, we all have many years of experience, we have seen the evolution of the technology in its significant steps. We try to provide our expertise and knowledge to the service of those who believe in the development and growth of your company, we ask no constraints or limitations in addressing the problems.i.

How we work

We operate using the long experience of our consultants in the field, our contribution is measured on the basis of the agreed results achieved in joint projects with customers by applying a specific approach linked to customer needs. The methods and techniques we use are all available in the market in “open source” mode.

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